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Dimmler - by Fabrizio Serafini. The inventor and creator of the Serafini brand.

Fabrizio Serafini

Fabrizio Serafini, designer and fourth-generation entrepreneur, is the first shoe stylist that was able to elevate the sneakers sector from basic trainers to smart and fashionable footwear. He is the inventor and creator of the Serafini's brand.

One of the secrets behind the success of the brand Serafini is Fabrizio's strong passion for sports combined with a love for vintage fashion that results in his world-renowned shoes.


From Sneakers to Classic shoes

Fabrizio can express his creativity directly on the field, in the studios, side by side with the shoemakers, masters of an ancient profession that it's not suitable for the uniformity and homogeneity of the industrial production. However Fabrizio knows very well that the products that can stand the test of time are those born from the skillful hands of the craftsman, from his instincts, from his creativity and professionalism: the products of a good artisan become unique and they have small differences and shades that characterize every handmade shoe and that's what makes them special.

The products of a good craftsman become unique, fine and one of a kind, thanks to the mastery of expert hands, capable of soft shades.


Finally... Our Dimmler shoes

Our Dimmlers are created by our craftsmen led by Fabrizio's idea of satisfying the needs of the people interested in customizing, on our website, their own shoes. Thanks to Dimmler's experience, our customers will be guided through a selection of fine and unique leathers for the counter, the vamp and the toe cap; soles in natural or dyed leather, standard height or higher; linings in black leather or fur (perfect for winter); shoelaces in different colours and, above all, different combinations for stitching.

According to Fabrizio, the Ideal stitching technique is the only one that pledge the true craftsmanship on your feet, because the manufacturing is challenging but it guarantees that MEN are working on the shoes, not machines.