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Dimmler - Entirely handmade derby shoes, for man and woman, 100% made in Italy.

Dimmler's Philosophy

"I've been working on a new way of making shoes for a while: more classic but not austere, informal and casual, Derby style, for men and women, very comfortable (it should feel like you're wearing a glove, not a shoe!) and with a strong character, with a leather sole or some other natural material, completely handmade, entirely made in Italy with the ancient technique of Ideal stitching."

"Ciò What really excites me is the idea that I can lead our customers to the studio and let them have a key role in the production of their own shoes, entirely handmade and customized, unique and one of a kind."

Fabrizio Serafini Sign

Our main idea

Fabrizio's goal is to fulfill the desires of the people who are looking for exclusivity and appreciate the value of an item that still smells like the craftsman's studio.

Video: making an original Dimmler shoes

Why choosing the Ideal manufacturing?

The most intriguing aspect of our shoes is the use of the Ideal stitching, an ancient technique consisting in sewing the inner sole through vertical stitching not in series and the leather vamp is not glued or anchored through cross-cutting stitches. Thanks to this specific technique we are carefully trying to reach a higher level of comfort through the best flexibility and twisting of the feet. The Ideal technique is rarely used today because it requires the hands of highly skilled craftsmen that are getting fewer and fewer.

Ideal stitching

The leather selection

Our materials are natural and high-quality in order to ensure an extreme comfort. The leather in every Dimmler's sole is strong and extraordinary, known for easing the breathability process. As a result, our shoes are highly hygienic.

scelta dei pellami e del cuoio

Which parts of your shoes can you customize?

Almost every one:
     - leather
     - sole
     - stitching
     - shoelaces

but learn more...

personalizzare la scarpa