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Dimmler's Style - 100% handmade personalized derby shoes, for man and woman. Payment methods.

Accepted payment methods

The orders are in Euros, as well as the prices on our website.

We suggest you to contact your bank to ask for detailed information on exchange rates and bank commissions for your transaction.

1. Payment methods

Royal Trading Srl accepts the following payment methods:

Credit Card

Marchi di accettazione PayPal

When purchasing our customers will submit the details of their credit card in a protected bank system provided by PayPal®. It is possible to purchase through Visa and Mastercard networks.

We suggest you to visit for further information.

Credit Card Security

All transactions are processed by PayPal. Royal Trading Srl Customers are guaranteed the highest security on the purchase.

Charges on Credit Card

If your resources are enough to purchase and the bank details provided are valid, PayPal will instantly send you the confirmation that the transaction has been successful. Our customers will receive a confirmation code via email. Your credit card will be charged when purchasing, even if the dispatch of the items will happen afterwards.

We will start working on your Dimmlers as soon as the payment will be carried out and accepted.


Marchi di accettazione PayPal

Payment with Credit Card (Safe network for your online purchase through Credit Card).

In case of payment through PayPal or Credit Card, at the end of the process you will be sent to the PayPal login page.

Your personal data will be processed by PayPal and not by Royal Trading Srl.

In case of annulment of the order, from the customer's part or in case Royal Trading Srl will not accept it, the total amount will be refund in the customer's PayPal account. Royal Trading Srl will not be responsible for delays and/or damages caused in the refund phase. The customer will receive a confirmation email from PayPal for every transaction carried out.

Through PayPal you can securely pay with your credit card or PostePay.

Bank Transfer

By choosing the payment method "BANK WIRE TRANSFER" the customer will automatically send an order application to Royal Trading Srl.

This order application will be confirmed to you via our customer's service ti.relmmid@ofni, with our bank details and the order will be dispatched after the bank transfer will be cashed in our account. The customer will need to send a copy of the payment via FAX or email within 48h from receiving the order confirmation.

Please, carry out the bank transfer just for the amount specified in the order confirmation and to carry out one bank transfer for every single order by using the reference number in you order confirmation.

If by that time Royal Trading Srl will not receive the copy of the payment, it will proceed to cancel the order.

The payment has to be carried out through bank transfer on this bank account:

BANK: Cassa di Risparmio di Cortona
IBAN: IT61E0549614100000019000451

We will start working on your Dimmlers as soon as the payment will be carried out and accepted.

2. Required data for the payment

There are two types of data: compulsory and optional.

The compulsory data are marked with an asterisk in the payment form; they are necessary for the supply of services and for security protection. The optional data are useful to improve our service and communication's levels.

It is possible to deliver the items to a different address from the address specified in the customer's data.

The consent to the use of personal data is provided by finalizing the purchase process. Without the consent you can't take advantage of our service.

3. Security of payment

The online payment via credit card is a simple and secure system. The data of the credit card are submitted directly on the bank website in a cryptic way. From a technical point of view, for the submission of data, Royal Trading Srl's website and PayPal's website use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol that provides the best data's encryption techniques, so that the personal and credit card data are sent online in a secure way, away from prying eyes.

These areas are easily recognizable because the address of the webpages has the prefix HTTPS (please, note that the final “S” stands for “secure”) that designate the Security Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

4. Security Code of the Credit Card

The Security Code is made of three or four digits, detached from the main number of the Credit Card. The position of the Code may vary according to the Credit Card company.

For Visa and MasterCard's credit cards, you will find the three digits security code on the back of your card, right next to the main number.

5. The order was successful

After submitting the number of your Credit Card in the virtual bank window you need to wait for the confirmation from Royal Trading Srl that the transaction has been successful.

You will receive two emails on the account provided in the order form. The first one is a confirmation from PayPal for the charge and the second one is from Royal Trading Srl, a confirmation that your order has been successful.

If you didn't receive your confirmations, this is what might have happened:

- the order is not properly accomplished

- the order wasn't successful because the bank didn't confirm your transaction

- the email address you provided is not correct

6. Errors in carrying out the online payment

Sometimes, the PayPal payment system might send error messages.

Please, make sure that:

a - your card is valid

b - you didn't exceed your monthly budget

c - your card is accepted by the system (check the general conditions)

Sometimes there could be some communication errors among the computer and the bank server; in that case we suggest to try to carry out a new order afterwards. The incomplete order will be annulled and there will be no charge.