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Dimmler's Style - 100% handmade personalized derby shoes, for man and woman. Terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

This Web Store is owned and managed by Royal Trading Srl.

For any questions concerning our Web Store, our terms and conditions, or for any complaints about the products that you bought on our Web Store, please contact us at:


Phone: +39 0575 984071
Fax: +39 0575 980922

1. Content

1.1 These terms and conditions concern all the orders submitted for the products on our Web Store. Let it be understood that these terms don't undermine your fundamental rights as customers.

1.2 Please, save or print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.

1.3 The customer is compelled to carefully read the General Conditions available in our website for knowledge and memorization. The customer, when finalizing the purchase, specifically accepts all the conditions of the contract.

1.4 The conctracts finalized with Royal Trading Srl. through their website are governed by the Italian Law and, specifically, by the Decreto Legislativo 6 settembre 2005, n. 206 (Legislative Decree), by the E-commerce decree, by the European regulations on sectors and by the international treaties on the subject, that Italy endorsed.

1.5 The seller is Royal Trading Srl, 62, Newton Street 52100 Arezzo Italy Phone: +39 0575 984071, Fax: +39 0575 980922, VAT registration number: IT01313280511, Share Capital € 100.000,00, (as a result, "Royal").

2. Acceptance of orders and finalization of the contract

2.1 All the orders that you submitted are to be accepted by Royal Trading Srl.

When we receive your order, you will be sent an order number and the details of the products of your choice. The contract between Royal and the Customer is finalized when the customer receives a confirmation by Royal that his order offer (sent accordingly with the process of purchase in the website) has been successful, following the confirmation for the availability of the product and the charge on the customer's credit card, or, in case of payment through bank transfer, the confirmation of the reception of the bank transfer. The order offer submitted by the customer will be binding for Royal, only if the entire purchase process is properly and precisely finalized, without any errors on the website.

Before submitting your order, you will be able to double check your choice and the total amount of your order. You can correct potential errors. All information published in our Web Store is just an invitation to negotiate and it doesn't represent a unilateral offer or pledge. Your order is a purchase offer from your part.

2.2 Royal is not responsible for malfunctions due to the data transmission system operators.

2.3 2.3 In agreement with the rules in the article 53 of the Codice del Consumo (Italian Law, Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206), at the time of the confirmation of the order or the finalization of the contract Royal will send, via email, the information concerning the details of the items, price, methods of payment and shipping cost. It will also be sent information on the conditions and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal, information on our customer service and commercial guarantees. The customer needs to verify the content of the email and report immediately to Royal potential errors or omissions.

2.4 It is possible to order just one pair of Dimmlers at the time because by doing so we preserve our feature of exclusivity and craftsmanship.

2.5 The images on the Dimmler's website are property of Royal Trading Srl. Any improper use of these images, not authorized with a written consent by Royal Trading Srl, will be prosecuted.

2.6 Royal Trading Srl declines any responsibility for the measurements provided by the customer concerning the size.

2.7 Before submitting an order offer, the customers needs to make sure that they have read and understood the instructions provided in the purchase process and these General Conditions, because they will be binding at the finalization of the contract. In order to puchase the products, the customer needs to fill and send the online order offer form to Royal, according to the instruction on our website. The customer will need to select the product in the cart and, after reading and accepting the General Conditions, with particular reference to shipping costs and process of withdrawal, and after reading the Privacy policy, the customer will choose the payment method and click on the "Buy Now" link.

3. Return policy

3.1 Royal Trading Srl refuses any responsibility that might follow a particular configuration or malfunction in our customers' computer causing slight differences in the colors of our products.

3.2 In compliance with the agreement, Royal Trading Srl specifically reserves the right to the possibility that the product might have small differences concerning the characteristics of materials, colors, weights, sizes, manufacture and other similar aspects with respect to the descriptions and piece of information on our statements, catalogs or any other stamped or electronic document by Royal Trading Srl. These differences might be determined by the typical process of handmade production.

3.3 The customer, when finalizing the contract, accepts that the product is customized. In compliance with the item 55,paragraph 2, letter c of the Codice del Consumo (Italian Law, Legislative Decree 6 september 2005, n. 206), the right of withdrawal provided for by the above-mentioned Legislative Decree, right of cancellation or return, which otherwise would be usable, it's ruled out for orders in which the items are customized, for example by choosing the leather or the color of the stitching. The customer acknowledges that the graphic representation in the website might be different from reality: the images, the 3D renderings and the pictures of the shoes might not reflect the actual look of the final product.

3.4 In any case, the customer will be able to exercise his right of withdrawal or return only in the possibility that the product has evident manufacture flaws, provided that the products are returned unworn, unused and undamaged by the customer, in the original institutional Royal packaging. This right can be exercised within 30 days from the order confirmation date.

3.5 The customer can't cancel the order once Royal had notified the confirmation.

4. Prices

4.1 All the prices in this website are in Euros and they include all the taxes and levies. In addition to the price of the shoes, there will be the shipping costs, properly underlined in the order form.

4.2 Royal Trading reserves the right of modifying the prices in this website at any time. In the event that there's an error on the price of a product, Royal will grant the opportunity of reconfirming the order of the products at the right price, or the opportunity of cancelling the order with a refund, if the order was already payed.

4.3 The information in the website doesn't represent an offer by Royal.

5. Terms for the payment

5.1 The total cost of your order will be made up of the purchasing price of the product and the shipping cost.

5.2 The customer can carry out the payment of the products and shipping cost through PayPal or bank transfer.

5.3 5.3 Royal accepts payments carried out by bank transfer, for the recipient, after deducting possible expenses or costs

IBAN number: IT 61 E 05496 14100 0000 1900 0451 - BIC SWIFT number: POCSIT31.

Potential bank fees will be at the customer's expense.

5.4 In case that, for any reasons, the charge of the amount due by the customer is impossible, the purchasing process will be automatically annulled and the puchase cancelled.

5.5 We will start to work on your Dimmlers as soon as the payment will be carried out and accepted.

6. Delivery, property and risks

6.1 The orders will be dispatched at the delivery address that you provide us with your order form. We are not responsible if the delivery address is wrong. Please, note that we don't deliver to the post-office box.

6.2 Every purchase will be shipped through DHL/Fedex couriers, from Monday to Friday, except for Saturday, non-working days and local or national holidays, and within two weeks from the the next working day since the dispatched of the order offer. The delivery time of the courier might vary up to a maximum of 5 working days. Royal is not responsible for unpredictable delays caused only by the courier.

6.3 For the delivery, the customer or a person in charge must be present at the address specified in the order. At the time of the delivery, the customer needs to check:

(i) that the number of packages is the same as reported in the delivery document;

(ii) that the package is intact, undamaged nor wet, check the sealing as well. Potential damages on IN the packaging and/or product, the wrong number of packages or indications must be immediately reported in the courier delivery document. Once the customer has signed the form, without any complaint, it's not possible to make any claim on the external characteristics of the package.

7. Intellectual property

The brand "Dimmler", as well as trade marks, whether they are figurative or not, and all the other distinctive marks, company names, service marks, trade names, pictures, images, logos, drawings registered or not, author's royalties and patents (intellectual property), portrayed in our products, Web Store, accessories or packaging, registered or not, are exclusive property of Royal Trading Srl. Any reproduction, even partial, as well as any modification or use of intellectual property, for any reason, in any form, without our prior written consent, is strictly forbidden, as well as any combination or use in conjunction with any other trade mark, symbol, logo and more generally any distinctive mark with the aim to form a more complex sign.

8. Certificate of authenticity

Royal certificates the authenticity of the products bought from the website. Dimmler's shoes are made with the best materials, from craftsmen and they are rigorously MADE IN ITALY.

9. Protection of data

9.1 Before purchasing from our Web Store, you need to submit the required information. By inserting the information on the Web Store, you claim and certificate that (i) you're using your identity; and (ii) all the information you provided is correct, accurate, current and complete when submitted.

9.2 By submitting your order, you will acknowledge and express your consent to the storage and processing of your personal data with tools (also electronics), directly from Royal Trading Srl. Royal Trading Srl completely respect the privacy of the users that log in and use the Web Store. For further details concerning the types of personal data that we collect, how we treat them and in which circumstances we broadcast them, please see our Privacy Policy as a reference.

10. Amendments to these terms

To the extent permitted by the law, we reserve our right to change these terms at any time. Any type of purchase contract we pledge, will be subjected to the version of these terms in force at the time you ordered the items or services.

11. Independence of the clauses

Each clause of these terms will be interpreted separately and independently from the others. If a clause is held to be invalid, null or ineffective, it will be held to be independent from the others and it will not undermine the effectiveness of any other clause of these terms.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are ruled by the Italian Law and they need to be interpreted in accordance with the Italian Law, Community Law and International Law for the treaties that Italy endorsed. For any litigation deriving from the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these General Conditions, the imperative local jurisdiction will be the court of Arezzo.